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Where IS Everybody?

A friend of mine asked me about the Fermi Paradox, and he demanded that I give some input on what I thought about it.

We have estimated that the Earth has been around for about 4.5 billion years… despite the song at the beginning of the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory saying it’s been 14 Billion years. It really doesn’t matter, but it’s been a while. This gives the Earth time to form, get smashed and tilted and a moon formed… all of which it turns out was essential for life to develop on our planet. We conveniently have 4 seasons, oceans, tides, an atmosphere, a magnetic field, and plants and Oxygen. Everything had to be in place for life to form. All the puzzle pieces were there… and Dinosaurs developed.
Now, if I were a supreme being, and I wanted to start a civilization on a planet, I’d think of something other than dinosaurs. Do over, and conveniently an asteroid apparently did them all in.
Fast forward, and apes, and other primates developed over tens of thousands of years… a relatively short period of time when compared to the age of the Earth.  Mankind has been estimated to have begun some time about 200,000 years ago in Africa.

Modern man has made enormous advancements in science and discovery in only the last 2000 years. In the last 100 years, we have seen incredible strides in discovery, including the creation of hard metals,  electricity, architecture and the advanced sciences. In the last 20 years we have made enormous discoveries in space. When the Hubble was aimed at a “blank” part of space, thousands of galaxies came into view.

When astronomy first started making advancements, we discovered planets, our relationship with the sun, and the positions of the stars. That was just in the last few hundred years. Now we see millions of galaxies, all composing of unlimited numbers of suns, and certainly millions of planets.

The question comes up, “Where is Everybody”?  Is there life on other planets? As Carl Sagan said, “If there isn’t, it’s an awful waste of space.”

Of course, the chances of life elsewhere is more than likely, considering the billions of opportunities out there.

Watch a weaver bird make a nest. Watch a spider make a web. Watch the penguins march enormous distances for food. These are the miracles of life with their tiny little brains. Study the Sand Hill Crane, with their huge wingspan… starting their own families, and keeping it together.. mating for life… like Catholics.

Now we have mankind, making huge advances in a complex civilization. If we saw what was happening, we would start working on preserving our species. If we make the Earth uninhabitable, then a perfect way to preserve life would be to send DNA to another planet on a comet.

Now, maybe that’s how life got started here on Earth. It seems illogical that DNA just sprouted up by itself… but it would have taken a really long time under precise conditions. Maybe it got a head start by some advanced civilization that is out there somewhere. It seems just as plausible as any other theory.

I’d just hate to think that we are some high school kid’s science experiment…


Those Midnight Cravings

When you’re alone for a few weeks, it is understandable if you get weird sometimes. That time was now.
I had an urge for a piece of apple pie. I found a “no-sugar-added” apple pie at the only store in town that’s open 24/7… Wal-Mart.
Upon my arrival only three miles away, I discovered that I forgot my “gimp-card” in the other car. I was forced to park with those other people… those scum-bags…
To my delight, I found one of those motorized carts being charged, and the green light was on, indicating at least one lap around the store before it turned yellow. I found my “sugar-free” apple pie (family size) and I was off… almost. The cart charge indicator had gone red,  ( skipping over the yellow indicator) meaning I had little time to get to my car before being stranded. Just as I parked the poor, under-powered, ever-so-slow cart, it began beeping, as though calling home to the mother ship. Fuck it… pedal to the metal, and off like a turtle. I tried to test the torque ability by forcing it up against a lamp-post… it didn’t like it… and it began beeping really loud… like a robot screaming for it’s lost mother who had a nice warm plug for it., trying to alert any person of authority that it was in distress…
I tried to act nonchalant as I entered my car, and I drove off with it still beeping… like leaving a crying child alone, confused, and sad…

The apple pie slice was excellent. I got some fake sugar, well actually a fake of a fake, imitation Splenda and fake butter (smart balance) and corn starch and whipped up a soft frosting-like stuff to go with the apple pie. It turned out pretty good.

So much pie, so little time…

My problem with the Affordable Care Act

I had to get a new health insurance policy for my wife because Kaiser doesn’t have any coverage east of Wyoming… and Florida falls into that vast area of different insurance companies. Since our income level is low, we were referred to the “marketplace” to buy insurance. We checked with a local doctor and they said Blue Cross and Florida Blue were good, and they honored those policies.
We bought the insurance and went to our first Dr.’s appointment. The clerk at the front desk said that they don’t take that kind of Blue Cross, Florida Blue insurance. We left. I was completely surprised that we CAN’T CHANGE our existing policy now because you have to wait for the “open enrollment” period… Well, that won’t do because I was sold insurance that NO DOCTOR within 50 miles honors that kind of insurance… and I can’t use it, and I can’t change it…

BUT… they still want to get paid. It’s like being sold a car that only runs on fuel that isn’t available anywhere near you… but you still have to pay for the car you can’t drive… that was the agreement… you signed it, you bought it, so you have to pay for it.

This is why I hate salesmen, and insurance people in general.

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act

Wow! I’ve heard a lot of criticism over this new medical insurance thing… and all it is a bunch of lies.
It isn’t “socialized medicine” as many have said. There are no “death squads” who decide who lives or dies. It isn’t a bunch of doctors working for the government. The government doesn’t make decisions concerning your health care. All that it does is make health insurance more affordable for those who can’t afford it, or couldn’t get it otherwise.

Much of the ACA was penned by Republicans way back when… and it couldn’t get through congress, so it languished over the years and was brought up again and again… and it never passed until recently. The insurance companies are loving it… because everybody participates, and their profits are soaring… not exactly what the law was intended to do. Nonetheless, it is working.

People still see their own doctor, and get to use their own hospital of choice. People who never had health insurance before can’t run to the emergency room for every little thing… bogging down the system in a defacto public health care system.

People who have minimum-wage jobs can get health care through their workplace, or through the ACA. All the hoopla over it not working is made-up bullshit. So… there…

Giving a name to some problem you might have

So your child goes and beats up some kid in school, and It’s OK because he has, “Flakburgers Syndrome.” and somehow that makes it OK… because he is a rotten little kid with some malady that someone “identified” as some sort of ailment.
So if an adult commits a crime while he is on drugs, the courts take a dim view of that, but if a chilld is all hopped up on some prescribed meds, it’s OK because the doctor subscribed it.

I don’t know how many silly little ailments there are out there, but many of them are covered by some “name” and somehow they get money for having that sickness. I know this guy in New Hampshire who found out that there was no test for “mental fatigue” so he put in for it. He has a lifetime income because he said he had “mental fatigue.” Guess what he was doing before he discovered he was sick… he administered tests for people with strange and compensatable syndromes so they would get paid by someone.

Mental fatigue… what a joke.So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride… while you pay for somebody who is too lazy to work, and you are paying his salary.

What a country…

My Bucket List, Things I have already Done

Attend a prestigious prep school in New England

Set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk in front of my house

Slide on a Flexible Flyer sled down a long snowy hill

Go on vacation in Maine where it smells of pine needles

Work with a lot of famous celebrities

Climb a tall mountain

Ride in a small sea-plane around the lakes in Maine

Live near Chicago in the middle of  Winter

Ride my bike to school

Commute to Boston on the train

Go to New York City Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Live and work in a nuclear submarine for a living

Start and run my own corporation

Move my family across the country to live near San Francisco

Ride every subway I can everywhere in the world

Live in a foreign country

go swimming in the South China Sea

Use the French I learned in Paris

Manage a full scale theater (Warner Brothers)

Go on a luxury ocean cruise

Visit China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippine Islands, Panama, England, Scotland, France, Guam, The Bahamas, Mexico, and Singapore, and Canada

Live in Hawaii

Go to a movie and show at Radio City Music Hall

Organize a convention so I can get together with about 100 of my old friends

Have a movie theater in my own house

Build a house from scratch

Pilot a glider

Pilot a small airplane

Live in Boston and help my older brother beat cancer

Climb all the way to the top of the Statue of Liberty

Visit the World Trade Center

Visit all the monuments and museums in Washington DC

Visit all the 50 states

Go to the top of the Empire State Building

Ride in a vintage wooden Cris Craft boat really fast

Go to every ride in Disneyland, Disney World, DisneyLand  (Hong Kong)

Stay in Hong Kong long enough to visit Ocean Park and Victoria Peak

Own several exotic cars

Shovel out from under several feet of snow

Run for public office

Eat Filet Mignon  every day for a week

Have a traditional clam-bake (with lobster) on or near a beach in New England

Qualify in Submarines

Ride First Class in a Boeing 747

Drive across the USA in both directions from Maine to California

Build an igloo

Drive a Cadillac on a frozen lake

Own a Wurlitzer Theater Organ

Paddle a canoe

Float down a river on a small air mattress alone

Feed a chipmunk by hand

Live near the beach in Rhode Island

Climb to the very top of a 150 foot tall tree













Doing Very Bad Things, for a Good Reason

There is a number of reasons that bad things happen… neglect, accident, nature, and the forces of evil. Some people are incredibly greedy… so much so that they have no care for human life… their only goal is to enrich themselves, and nothing will slow them down in their quest. They will climb over the bodies of the slain to achieve whatever power, fame and wealth they seek.

I have seen these people in my life, and at times, they made me miserable. They lied, stole, embezzled, took what was not theirs, and kept it for themselves. They used their position of authority to gain for themselves an unearned achievement. They might be wall-street crooks, bankers, brokers, teachers, politicians, military officers, businessmen, co-workers… managers… your next-door neighbor. 

So, I put a curse on those who decided their life was more important than mine. They died. Not figuratively… they actually died. Not all at once, but one at a time of cancer, heart ailments, and other stuff… but they died. I out-lasted them. In the case of one of them, I will make the effort to shit on their grave. Vengeance is mine. 

“Sorcerers, witches and warlocks aren’t the only people who can cast spells and put curses on people. With a little training, anyone can do it – even you,” said Mulkrin, whose frightening new book, When Bad Things Happen to Bad People, is slated for a winter release.

“In fact, my 4-point plan is simple enough for a child to follow.

“I guarantee you won’t find an easier or more effective way to deal with people who give you a hard time.”

Now when I tell people this, I see them squirm in their chair… asking if they were perceived as giving me a hard time. No, I will not turn the other cheek. What these people did was a sincere attempt to try to destroy a life for their own. They lied, stole, cheated, embezzled, groped, yelled, and in general did very bad things on purpose for their own gain. They deserve to die… not by forceful means, but a curse… carefully assigned to make them die early. The world is full of these nasty bastards, and they deserve to die. Bad things will eventually happen to bad people. Karma. Yes, what goes around, comes around.

It works. Many of these people have already died… and it gives me a chance to produce a slight grin, and go about my life as simply as possible… except for that trip to shit on someone’s grave. In this case, the curse was many years in the making… and it worked.